Adam Syrnyk as Perry

Adam Syrnyk plays the role of Perry, the “cute” young guy in school that is attractive to both sexes, but never seems to have a girlfriend. He likes the excitement of being around Gino and frequently takes risks that he normally wouldn’t because of it. Perry considers himself an expert on how to dress and what it takes to be part of the “in” crowd.

Adam completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies at Ryerson University in Toronto and also received a Certificate of Documentary Studies from the International School of Cinema and Television in Cuba. In addition to his role as Perry, Adam is one of the key cameramen for Hormones. He won the Skill’s Canada Gold Medal for his camera work and video editing skills..

In real life Adam is a well-liked, popular young man who is active in numerous media activities while at the same time excelling academically. He loves to skateboard and snowboard and travels extensively. His trips include New York City, Whistler BC, Calgary Alberta, Paris France, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Cuba and Australia

Now 23, Adam is a Director of Photography in Toronto Ontario. His website http://www.driftingvision.com shows the success that he has made of himself in the commercial, drama and documentary film industry..He has won awards in the Korean Film Festival in Australia, the Toronto GLBT Film Festival, the Out North Film Festival, the International Women's Film Festival, the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and the Arab Film Festival of Australia.

HormonesTV Episodes that star Adam:

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