Paul Thompson as Gino

Paul Thompson plays Gino, a confident outgoing youth who tends to have something to say about everything. Looked up to by his peers, he periodically steps out of line and enjoys living on the edge, but when it comes to a friend-in-need he is right there with the up-front answers and a supportive friend personality.

Co-producer, writer and star in Hormones, Paul attended the Comedy, Writing and Performance program at Humber College in Toronto. His interest is a long-term career in comedy, television and stage. Known for his subtle humour, and visual creativity, he has a natural ability, both in front of the lens and in shooting and editing the footage into a winning product.

In real life Paul is always at the heart of the action. Whether it’s joking around with friends skipping class to chat about his latest project or entertaining an impromptu audience with a comedy routine or rap battle, he’s always wired and ready to go. In contrast to this you will also often find him championing a new cause to help out the disadvantaged or those who can’t easily help themselves. He won the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation Student IT Entrepreneur of the Year award for his work in raising $15,000 for the cancer unit at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. He has also been recognized by Premiere Dalton McGinty, and was runner up in the Capital Spirit of Youth Arts and Literature awards.

Paul’s spare time is split between friends, chatting and surfing the web, writing, producing and editing videos and rap music, and dreaming up new ways to get into mischief. He is currently a regular in the Toronto comedy and sketch scene, having over 150 stage appearances last year alone.Paul also has a reputation for winning freestyle rap battles with all comers.

At 23, Paul's career is just beginning. Expect to see much more of him as the years go by.

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“I will be to acting what Pierre Trudeau was to Canadian Politics” -Paul Thompson