Trapped .... the story of a transexual transition from male to female.

Hi, my name is Anne Girard, I was born with the name Alain jacques Joseph Girard. Jacques being my uncle and godfather (RIP) and Joseph because, I was born with a Catholic license plate, not that i had a choice. My anglophone friends used to call me Al. By the way, I’m a francophone living in Hull. Quebec.

I am a transexual; some people might refer to it as transgender, and I went through a sex change.

If there was a magic pill to unstransgender me, I would’ve taken it (OD’d) well before it turned my life and the life of others in my circle upside down. It’s not a choice. No one chooses this road. It’s not an “alternative lifestyle”. It…. chooses you. You can fight it, or you can somehow bring yourself to acknowledge it, prepare for it, embrace it and face the challenges. If you choose to deny it you will probably live a miserable existence. To summarize those last couple of phrases, acknowledge your reality and be true to it.

When I look in the mirror
What do I see
A dream locked inside a child
Crying to be free

Where eyes gaze upon me
Blind to my pain
to the people around me
this child can't explain

When I look in the mirror
My reflection still lies
my BODY as evidence
Has put me on trial

I've been forced to prove
Who I need to be
A girl, a woman
Even if you can't see

some looked upon me
As being confused or insane
As they only know "Al"
Yes that was my name

As years went by
I carried on a charade
And of this fear
A character was made

If you looked in my eyes
I made sure you saw stone
But what hid behind them
Was a girl all alone

Wish I hadn't lived
A life as a lie
But a girl was trapped
And this boy made her hide

I MET all expectations
And made them come true
Denying my truth
Was all that I knew

Now I look in the mirror
What do I see
A dream locked inside
Has now been set free

After all of these years
WIshing what I could be
I'm no longer trapped
I'm a woman, I'm free...yea

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