Episode 1: Condom Trouble
Enjoy the humorous antics of Gerome and Gino as they look into the correct way to put on a condom. Ironically, filming the video taught the two stars that even thought they considered themselves sex-savvy grade 11 students, they really didn't know how to do it right.

Do You Really Know How To Put On A Condom?

It sounds like a simple question, one that everyone from about ten years on up answers “of course” to, but amazingly, very few people really know how to do it correctly. Our star Gino (Paul Thompson) thought he did until he shot the scene and found out that even as an outgoing, knowledgeable grade 11 teen he wasn’t doing it right.

Challenged by what seemed to be a rite of manhood, he and his friend Asif Deen set out to make a show-how video. Ignoring the “You can’t have sex” attitude of adults, these two youth felt that it was important to share their new-found knowledge with their peers. The result was Condom Trouble, an unusual blend of teen humour, interesting story line and factual details, tied up with a gripping cliffhanger at the end. To say instant success would be putting it mildly. Teens were rolling in the aisle at the antics of Geno (Paul) and Gerome (Asif), yet intermittently injecting comments like “I didn’t know that” or “that’s sick” (i.e. teen cool). The result was the birth of Hormonestv.

Condom Trouble Chapter Summary:

The Shower - The video opens with Gino and Gerome in the shower after gym class. This acts to set the scene and effectively catch the students attention. (Note that to ensure school acceptability, scenes only show the boys from the waist up.)

The Locker Room - While the boys are getting changed, Gerome lets Gino know that he’s got a big date that night. Gino decides he needs to make sure his friend plays it safe.

The Drug Store - Gino takes Gerome to the condom section of the drug store and describes the variety of condoms that are available. He then proceeds to purchase some standard condoms for his friend.

The Phone Call - Gerome calls Gino worried about his date and looking to his friend for support.

Booster Juice - Gerome meets Gino at Booster juice and explains that he’s not sure that he understands how to put on the condom. When Gino asks if he still has it Gerome pulls it out of his wallet and Gino explains that he shouldn’t keep it there because it could get a hole in it. He then gets a banana from the Booster Juice counter so that he can show Gerome how to put on the condom.

Gino and Condom - Gino puts the condom on the banana explaining that you first need to make sure you unroll it the right way and that you need to pinch the top as you carefully roll it down.

Gerome and Condom - Gino has Gerome put a condom on the banana with his eyes closed to make sure he understands and could do it in the dark.

The Big Date - Gino is out on his big date, headed to a movie in his dad’s car. The girl he is with suggest that they should skip the movie since he is a virgin and she is good at breaking in virgins.

The audience is left to surmise what happens as he drives down the road. (Note that this is a good point to stress that sexual activity is inappropriate in a moving vehicle.)

Program Summary - Out of character, back in the shower, Gino and Gerome summarize what the students should have learned from the video. They comment on how not wearing a condom could result in your getting an STD or getting someone pregnant. They remind students not to keep condoms in their wallets, to always pinch the top as they roll it down and to hold the base of it as they pull out since they may no longer have an erection and it could fall off. Gino also comments on the need to roll down the foreskin before putting on the condom if you aren’t circumcised. Lastly they explain that if anything goes wrong you should always throw it out since it could have precum on it.



Although Condom Trouble attempts to cover everything that students should know when using a condom, there are some steps that could not be easily integrated into the video. The ten important points that every student should know are covered in the attached poster. It is important that these be covered with all students.

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