Supporting Cast

Every movie has its stars, but without a supporting cast it would be difficult to create an effective storyline. We were fortunate to be able to assemble an amazing group of both straight and queer youth and adults for the movie. Some were seasoned actors while for others it was their first time in front of the camera lens. Either way, they showed their talents and did a great job. Like the stars, everyone freely contributed a great amount of their time to the production because they all believed so strongly in the importance of the message. Dream Weaver Communications is pround to have been able to work with such a great group of caring individuals. Please help us support their work by telling others about the movie and helping us promote it to the community.

Mr. Greg played by Greg Taylor
Greg is an Ottawa math teacher who is highly respected by staff and students alike, and who has a great sense of humour both inside and outside of the classroom.

Out to cure homosexuals by night and tormenting Frank and his bully buddies in his class by day, Mr. Greg
proves to be both the perfect villan while at the same time acting as a strong supporter for Aiden and
his quest for sexual understanding. His revelation at the end of the film, is one that all of us need to
pay attention to and to promote to our friends.


Ethan played by: Nick Surges (www.nicholassurges.com)
Nick is an up-and-coming Canadian artist of stage and screen. Now located in Toronto, he remains active in its local cabaret and theatre scene. Some of his specialties include character voices, singing, and a credible RP accent.

Ethan loses his friends and family when he comes out and ends up on the street selling himself for drugs
and a bed to sleep in. Along the way he fights depression, abuse, and suicide. The movie doesn't look
down on him as a character, but rather views him as a negative aspect of the way some of society treat
queer youth.


Seth played by: Jacob Atkinson
Jacob is an actor with considerable experience in stage, film and television. A graduate of the Queen's University Theatre Department,his specialties include guitar, singing, piano, bass, gymnastics, and characer voices.

Kicked out by parents but taken in by friends and community agencies Seth lands on his feet and befriends
Ethan who wasn't so lucky. He tries to convince Ethan that there is a better life out there and rescues him
when he is in need of help.

Jayden played by: Patrick Mercurio
Patrick has numerous acting credentials in film, television and stage, has taken a number of acting courses and has a B.A. in Theatre from Ottawa University. His specialties include Tagalong and German with American, Chinese and Filipino accents, and clarinet, recorder and saxophone.

Jayden is a slightly off-the-wall gay male who can't keep his hands off of Noah his current interest. He
loves to dance at a moment's notice and readily offers drugs to anyone who needs some chemical motivation.

Noah played by: Calvin Cunill
Calvin studied television broadcasting in high school but this is his first experience with a feature film.

Noah like Jayden is a slightly off-the-wall gay male who can't keep his hands off of Jayden his current interest. He loves to dance at a moment's notice and to drink. His one vice, however, is straying from Jayden's side to hook up with a passing stranger, which sometimes gets him into trouble.

Yuri played by: Bryan Larocque
Bryan is new to film and television but did an excellent job fitting into his role. A hair colourist by trade, he strongly supports the concept of freedom in sexual identity.

Yuri is the local hair dresser and soon becomes Justines's party date. The ideal person to gossip with about
what's going on in the world he helps to expose the rampant bullying that frequently comes to play within
the rainbow community..


Mia and Michelle are both played by: Zoe Robertson
Zoe has been in numerous stage productions and did three years of training at the Ottawa school of Speech and Drama. She is also very involved in cosplay and provided our make-up services on set.

Mia is one of two sexually forward girls who are all over Aiden even though he fights their sexual and verbal
Michelle is a butch lesbian looking to hook up with any cute straight chick she can find and challenging the
heterosexual world's ability to fend off her advances..


Kate played by: Jasmine Silver
This is Jasmine's first experience with a feature film. A proponent of the rainbow community, she was more than adept at playing her role.

As a lipstick lesbian, every detail of Kate's wardrobe is perfect and her parents support her in her sexual
choices. She acts as the catalyst for the sexual youth group, promoting discussion and accepting everyone's viewpoint, and as a foil for Michelle's forward ways.

Jim played by: Joshua Dannenberg
Joshua has been highly involved in drama throughout his high school years and was a key member of the school's GSA. A strong proponent for acceptance of queer youth, he provided a real life perspective on what it's like to be closeted and then come out.

Jim is a closeted little grade niner who is only out to a few close friends. He is the target of Frank's abuse, and
later the supporter of Aiden.


Kyle played by: Dakoda Lalonde
Dakoda has extensive experience in both stage and short film productions. This was his first role in a feature film. Bullied in school, the messages hit home to him both as an individual and an actor.

Kyle is a closeted bisexual grade 9/10 youth at school with a girlfriend, and a gay youth in the shadows, he is
playing both
sides of the street. He is the target of Frank's abuse, a friend to Jim and later the supporter of Aiden.

Dylan played by: Chris McKay
An LGBTQ youth, Chris has experienced many of the situations in the film first hand. He has worked with local support groups to try to change community perceptions. With previous roles on stage, but none on film, Chris brings real life reality to his role.

Dylan is an outgoing gay teen playfully described by Aiden as "a bear who likes whips, leather pants,
and bondage". He likes to be the life of the party and is overtly sexual in his actions, with a slight streak
of exhibitionism.


Josh played by: Earl Carriere
Earl has a long list of acting credentials and Theatre Arts and Script Writing degrees from Algonquin College. His specialties include sword fighting, animated voices, choreography, kick boxing, karate and parkour skills. Not only did he act in the production, but also assisted with cast movements and interactions.

Josh is Frank's bully sidekick, following him around like a little puppy dog he's always ready to cheer him on
and join in the action.


Mrs. M
Mrs. M works for the local school board, visiting schools and counseling students with LGBTQ issues. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and an expert in her field. New to film she brings a realistic experience to the guidance scene.

Mrs. M, is the school social worker who is trying to figure Aiden out, provide a supporting reference and help him to experiment with his gay side. She helps to open the door to his coming out.


Alex played by: Alec Albert
Alec was a last minute addition to our cast. Originally intended as an extra, he pitched in as a cast member having no previous feature film experience.

Alex is a straight youth who helps Aiden out when Frank and his friends try to beat him up.


Aiden's Mom played by: Marie-Claire Thauvette
Marie-Claire is new to acting but came to us as a supportive adult, being the owner of Sexual Bliss, a company that supports sexuality as a normal and healthy lifestyle.

Trying to find the perfect girl for him without having any idea that he might be queer, Aiden's mom is a little overbearing and somewhat selfish when he comes out.


Aiden's Dad played by: David Hallman
David is Taylor's father in real life. New to film, he has been very supportive of Taylor's experiences within the rainbow community and was more than willing to support him in his role as the star of the film.

Unfazed by Aiden's sudden sexual revelations, he is supportive of his son and acts to both reassure him and protect him from his overbearing mom.