Episode 2: It's Only Oral Sex
Teens often say the "It's only oral sex" as if this is a safe activity that they can perform as casually as eating breakfast. In this episode, Gerome finds out that it can also leave behind some unwanted gifts. Gino, his best friend and Perry, a new character in the series, clue him into the possible side effects.

Are You Sure You Didn't Catch Something?

Educators get to experience teen life from a completely different perspective from that of a parent. They often hear the most intimate secrets being discussed in a matter of fact way with little concern about who is listening. To the surprise of many, this frequently includes detailed discussions of parties, drinking habits, and sex lives. It is natural, therefore, that the growing talk about oral sex activities amongst teens down as far as grade seven, is raising caution flags. Our Hormonestv cast was shocked when their principal suggested that their second episode should be on this topic. Undaunted by the challenge of such a controversial subject, they set out to find a way to deal with something that even boards of Education are leery about. Deal with it they did with the release of It Was Only Oral Sex. The result is yet another humorous yet factual adventure into the world of teen sex.

This episode of hormonestv introduces Perry (Adam Syrnyk), a friend into the mix. He and Gino (Paul Thompson) educate Gerome (Asif Deen) in the hazards of oral sex and eventually, with the help of the nurse from the local sexual health clinic, convince him to be more careful in the future. He finds out that a visit to the clinic really isn’t as scary as he expected, and learns about STI’s and the various tests to keep him safe. Buoyed by the fact that it is all confidential from both his parents and his teachers he leaves feeling somewhat reassured, at least until the cliff-hanger.

This Message Has A Few Surprises For Most

As always with the hormonestv series, the cast finishes up with an our-of-character message. In this case all three stars discuss the normalcy of teen promiscuity, while at the same time giving some little known facts about just what you can catch when your mouth touches another person’s genitals. The background information for all of this was researched through Ottawa’s Public Health Services department and came as a major surprise to our entire cast. It has definitely changed their concepts of oral sex and just how safe it is or isn’t. Hopefully it will do the same for all youth who view “It Was Only Oral Sex”.