DreamWeaver has been working with youth for over 22 years and is proud to release
I'm Just Me
, a Canadian-made LGBT film depicting the challenges and rewards of coming out.

To the world, Aiden (Taylor Hallman) is just an everyday teenager. He chats on his phone during class, gets caught up with the guys and their practical jokes, plays video games rather than doing homework, and, like most teens, has issues with his parents, how they treat him, and their expectations of him. Internally, however, Aiden is living in a nightmare. He is questioning his sexuality, seeing his friends as homophobic bullies, fearing that his deviant sexual thoughts are unnatural, and worrying that the people around him will try to cure rather than support him if they find out. Chance meetings with Justine (Ember Vail), a local trans youth, and Danny (Keigan Buffett) the charismatic and popular queer boy in town only make his situation more stressful. Should he follow his lust for a same-sex encounter and chance a physical, verbal and/or digital barrage of abuse from the judgemental world around him, or would he be better to bury his feelings accepting the depression and suicidal thoughts that come with it? Would being queer change who he is?

Dedicated to Jamie Hubley, a young man who took his own life, after continually being bullied in his search for acceptance, I'm Just Me portrays the angst and joy that is felt by closeted and recently out youth in their attempts to find themselves in what can be a less than forgiving world.